Russian producer of educational robotics kits for children, which carries out the production and supplies to educational institutions
Since 2018 we have been working in educational robotics development and more than 20,000 children have already been trained with our equipment and methods.

Our equipment has proven itself internationally and now is being considered as one of the fundamental ones in holding WorldSkills competitions in mobile robotics in the CIS countries.
school equipped
teachers are trained
tool kits are produced annually
For 20 years
ARMAN HOLDING has been developing technical and robotic solutions, predictive technologies, design and integration of industrial and telecommunication systems in Russia, the CIS countries, India, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates.
R:ED company is an educational project/structural unit of ARMAN HOLDING corporations
R:ED today is not only an educational project designed for 5-7 years, with tailor-made teaching materials, but also its own, domestic, in many ways unique R:ED tool kit.

This project was designed with all attention to children’s needs from 4 to 16 years old, who are interested in robotics, but I will say a couple of words about it separately.
Join a large-scale international project dedicated to creating a bright future for our children! Find your dream, follow it till end and then it will surely come true!

Our educational project is aimed at the building of not only self-sufficient, but also financially independent and successful young professionals who, from an early age, do what they love, fulfil themselves, earn money and reach great heights in their field.
Maxim Sushkov
Our mission
Is to create innovative and high-quality educational products in the fields of new technologies, robotics and IT for developing a new generation of successful, independent and competent professionals who make the future world a better place.
We create products that allow each user to become an independent and financially independent member of society, so that a student can become a highly demanded professional, and our partner - a successful businessman.
We create solutions available to everyone and open for collaboration with other educational products, broadening the horizons of students and the range of educational programs.
Our solutions are aimed at developing a new generation of socially responsible people who strive to make the future world a better place.
Availability and Openness
General benefit to society
Our values
Refresher R:ED ACADEMY centers for teaching staff
Own R:ED LAB centers
Colleges equipped with R:ED
R:ED has a teaching license that gives us the right to carry out educational activities and refresher courses for teaching staff in robotics.
Teaching license
R:ED is a fast developing company not only in Russia, but all around the world. We collaborate with various institutions and see we see great opportunities for joint implementation of projects.
Our partners