R:ED® Coding Robotics Education


Kick start your business with R:ED® - a scalable and adaptable education solution that helps educators and tuition centers introduce robotics+coding to students in a fun and scientific way.

R:ED® was created for life-long learners with a single idea in mind - to prepare our kids for better future. How? Through unlimited possibilities of R:ED® learning.

Our integrated Franchise Package includes:

R:ED® Robotics Set - company-owned production and R&D includes:
  • building bricks
  • motors and sensors
  • powerful processor unit.
With no analogous in the world, we've made it compatible with Lego and Arduino!

R:ED® Code - a user-friendly downloadable software that supports block-based and text-based programming languages. It is where we code and make our robots move!

R:ED® Curriculum - our Long-Term Development Program allows kids progress from beginners to master level over a period of 3-4 years. It includes R:ED Activity Books For Kids, and R:ED Teachers' Lesson Plans and methodological materials for teachers.

R:ED® CRM - a cloud-based learning management platform for teaches to enrol and manage students, as well as monitor and streamline their progress.

R:ED® Academy - a continuous support for teaches, expertise upgrade and certification.

R:ED® Coding Robotics Education

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What is R:ED® LAB?

Franchising With Purpose

We're a passionate group of developers, educators, gamers, and, yes, we are parents too! Our Head Quarter is based in Singapore.
It is our company’s mission to create innovative and high-quality educational products Through this we can develop the next generation of successful, independent and competitive professionals who will contribute to our shared future.
We make sure that for our partners this business is meaningful, profitable. It is super-easy to implement at the classroom, school CCA, or at home. Our solution is scalable, intuitive and inclusive. 

Our system is based on spiral learning. As learners progress through different grades the initially simple concepts turn onto increasingly complex real-world challenges.
No retired products! Open concept and full compatibility with Lego and Arduino.

Our Franchise Solution Package


R:ED® Robotics & Hardware
Why are our Robotics Sets are unique?
Company-owned production of Robotics sets, developed with the joint participation of educators, developers and parents from Singapore, Cyprus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. ​

  • A complete set of 500+ pieces.​
  • One set to support all programs​
  • An unlimited number of robots and solve an unlimited number of educational problems. ​​​​
  • Integrated and Scalable Components
  • No retired products!
  • Fully compatible with Lego and Arduino​​​
  • 1 powerful controller with 16 ports to connect external devices​.​​
  • 8 sensors of various types.
One Set - All Program Needs approach!
Unlimited Modelling
Part 2
R:ED Coding Software
Downloadable Coding Environment
You can now use your R:ED Coding Environment to unleash the power of programming using multiple languages.
R:ED is programmed either graphically or textually.

R:ED programming is available on:
  • Scratch
  • Arduino IDE (in Python, Javascript, C ++)
It which allows selecting between graphical programming (icon blocks) and writing a code in a programming environment.

Switching back to the standard R:ED firmware is just as simple.
We have also provided full documentation to get you started.
One Set - All Program Needs approach!
How we learn Coding with R:ED
From simple to complex concepts
  • Drag & Drop
  • Easy to start
  • No syntax error
  • Learn concepts, logic & functions
  • Drag & Drop
  • Shows the syntax
  • Learn how concepts are represented in code.
Blocks with Code
  • Code typing
  • Learn syntax
  • Learn specific languages JavaScript, Python and C++
Part 3
R:ED School Management System
Students, and teachers use the SMS throughout the duration of a course.

Teacher View
Teachers can publish courses, post discussion boards, manage teams and cohorts, edit grades, and communicate with students.

Student View
Students can access their profile, check their enrolment status, and browse courses via their learner dashboard.

Available for desktop, iOS and Android versions, the SMS provides access to course content and supporting infrastructure (schedules, discussion boards, collaboration tools, student administration, certificate generation, messaging, and more).

Part 4
R:ED Curriculum
  • Age-appropriate programs
  • 3 age groups x 36 programs
  • Teacher's Lessons Plans
  • Student's Activity Book
R:ED START is a one-year edutainment program that introduces kids to Robotics & Coding in a fun and informative way.
Kids use motorised R:ED® models and simple programming.

There are 3 modules in the program:​
  1. Mechanic (12 lessons)
  2. Engineer (12 lessons)
  3. Creator (12 lessons)
R:ED ONE is a one-year program developed to engage and motivate P4-P6 students’ interest in learning science- and engineering-related subjects. This is done through the use of motorised R:ED® models, coding and learning of mechanic engineering.

There are 3 levels in the program that will bring your child from beginner to competitor level:
1. Developer - 1 (12 lessons)
2. Developer - 2 (12 lessons)
3. Competitor (12 lessons)

R:ED PRO is a one-year program to develop design engineering and coding skills by solving complex the real-world problems of computer-controlled machines.
Students are able to connect what they learn with real-world industries, they improve their depth of knowledge by learning through experimentation.
There are 3 levels in the program that will bring your child to Software Engineering Proficiency level:
1. Mechanic (12 lessons)
2. Engineer (12 lessons)
3. Creator (12 lessons)

Age 12+
3 modules x 12 lessons
1 lesson 90 min
Age 6-8
3 modules x 12 lessons
1 lesson 60 min
Age 9-11
3 modules x 12 lessons
1 lesson 60 min
Downloadable Coding Environment
  1. R:ED®Robotics Set -10 sets, fully compatible with Lego and Arduino, own production. Unlimited number of models.
  2. R:ED® Code - own downloadable software.
  3. R:ED® Curriculum - Teacher's Lesson Plans and Students Activity Books.
  4. R:ED® CRM - a cloud-based learning management platform for teaches to enrol and manage students, as well as monitor and streamline students' progress.
  5. R:ED® Academy - a continuous support for teaches, expertise upgrade and certification.
  6. Marketing support
Our franchisees are doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, entrepreneurs – not tuition operators.
However, they are among the most profitable club owners in the world. Over 60% of our franchisees own multiple schools, many have given up their day jobs, and even more supplement their current careers and livelihood to pursue their new lifestyle careers with R:ED Robotics Education.
Inventory & Supplies
R:ED Franchise Package
Breakdown of Initial Investments​
Monthly Franchise fee
Admin & Marketing
Breakdown of Monthly Costs
Operating model
Number of Classes/week
60(Y1) to 250
SGD 13,000-25,000
SGD 80,000-140,000
Monthly Expenses
Initial Investments
1,000 Sq.ft
Unit Size
Breakdown of Monthly Costs
Why our Franchise?
In many of our markets and with many of our franchisees we’ve achieved:
  • Profitability. Operational breakeven (cashflow positive) within 0-6 months and ROI in under 2 years
  • Sustainability. 0% default rate
  • 3-year ROI: 150%-250%
  • EBITDA margin: 20%-30%

  • Proven business. Convenient, community- based schools located within 1-3 km walking distance of where family live or kids go to school.
  • Low cost. Fixed operating costs of rent, labor, equipment, utilities, and fees, with equipment finance provided.
  • Strong support. Operations, training, coaching, technology, vendor, and shared marketing infrastructure.

Industry revenues. Compared with the US, Asia has almost 3x the growth rate at 9.04% CAGR, totalling USD14 billion in 2020 Kids Education.

Around 70%-100% of your business earnings will be generated from running our ongoing programs.

ADDITIONAL REVENUE (can top up by 50%)
  • ROBO-Camps
  • School CCAs
  • Corporate Events
  • Adult Classes
  • Birthday "Genius"parties
  • Golden Age (65+) - Community collaborations
Revenue Model
Number of Instructors
2(Y1) to 5
Non-Competing territories
Financial support
Sustainable Growth model
Government Micro Loan for SMEs
  • The SME Micro Loan is a government assisted financing scheme to help local SMEs access financing.

  • Enterprise Singapore will provide risk sharing with participating banks & financial institutions to assist SMEs with financing.

  • Access up to $100K working capital to grow your business.

  • The SME Micro Loan can be used to manage daily operations and cashflow.
  • For larger loan quantum, businesses can also look at the SME Working Capital Loan as well as the Temporary Bridging Loan Programme.
  • Most of our franchisees grow their business by acquiring more programs and increasing the size of their territory.

  • Our franchisees have the flexibility to grow their offered programs from earned profits, or from day one.

  • Unlike other franchises, a R:ED Robotics Education franchise can run as a big or small-scale business.

  • You can act as a one-man-show and be both an instructor and a business director, or hire instructors to run many classes simultaneously.

  • Our franchise advisors will help you make the right decisions based on your personal aspirations.
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